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What Is An Oud?

In WomenSing’s upcoming concert, “EarthRise,” we will consider our planet, how we treat it, and how we treat each other as we share our lives upon it. The concert features music from a variety of traditions, including the Persian-inspired Songs from Behind the Caravan: Songs of Hâfez by composer Abbie Betinis. Accompanying us on the Oud, an instrument with ancient Persian roots, we are thrilled to welcome Gari Hegedus.

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Spotlight On: From Behind the Caravan

We, to this door, seeking neither pride nor glory... we have come.

The writings of 14th century mystic poet, Khwâja Hâfez-e Shirazi (“Hâfez”), were the inspiration for Abbie Betinis’s “From Behind the Caravan: Songs of Hâfez”. Hâfez, born in Shiraz, Persia (now known as Iran), based his poetry in the tenets of Sufism. Sufism is an Islamic mystical tradition focusing on the personal journey toward union with God. Themes found in Hâfez’s poetry include the love of humanity and contempt for hypocrisy.

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Meet Astronomer Gerald McKeegan, by Julie Skeen


WomenSing is pleased to introduce Astronomer Gerald McKeegan, who will be giving the planetarium presentation at our Chabot event on April 14. Gerald has been interested in astronomy since he was a child. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Space Studies, and has 40 years experience working in the space industry. Gerald’s career includes work on communication satellites, science satellites, and launch vehicles.

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WomenSing establishes “Sing4Life” program at Cancer Support Community !!

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The Marimba Lumina, By Julie Skeen

The Marimba Lumina was designed by the late Don Buchla, a physicist and musical instrument designer, with Joel Davel, WomenSing guest percussionist assisting as a technician during its development. The Marimba Lumina can be particularly useful for concerts requiring large numbers of percussion instruments, as it allows one person to create the sounds of several instruments during a piece. The different percussion sounds are assigned to specific octaves of the Marimba Lumina. Additionally, the mallets can be assigned their own percussion sounds.

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Thanksgiving Special Opportunity

For every ticket that is purchased before this weekend, one of our anonymous donors will give $2 to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.


If you plan to attend Beginning with a Bang, please consider buying your tickets right now, so we can maximize this generous donation and make a true impact!


Click HERE to purchase tickets

Season Passes available for a discount available HERE

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Gala Spotlight No. 3: What Happens When You Support WomenSing?


*  Audiences attend beautiful concerts, thoughtfully performed.


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Gala Spotlight No. 2: What treasure will you find?

Treasures Await!

What treasures will YOU find at WomenSing's Gala this year?

Looking for tickets to a concert or the theater? A fabulous gift basket full of your favorite things? The perfect bottle of wine? You will find them all at WomenSing's 2017 Gala, Aloha, A Warm Welcome - and much, much more. Thinking about getting a jump on your Christmas shopping, or pampering yourself? Longing for a weekend getaway? You won't want to miss this event.

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Gala Spotlight No. 1: Interview with Carol Gilliland, Executive Chef at A Loveable Feast

Get to know Carol Gilliland and her team at A Loveable Feast, who will be providing the scrumptious fare for WomenSing's gala on October 1st.

WS:  How did you get into catering?  

CG:  I have no formal cooking background and was raised by a mother who was a horrible cook so I didn't learn anything from her, except how to burn things like toast and cookies ;)  

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A Message from Ofer

Devoted friends of WomenSing!

More and more I am learning what an ardent group of supporters you are. It is a joyous moment for me as I join you, who know and appreciate the power of choral music, of live performance and of community.

When I first heard WomenSing in performance, I was moved to feel the music radiating from each and every singer. It is rare to sense such collective dedication, love, and zeal in an ensemble this large. I'm excited to lead such a vibrant group-diverse spirits and characters, unified in sonority.

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