COVID-19 Update

WomenSing is still accepting new members. We have a very exciting season planned and we'd love for you to be part of it.
In-person auditions are being replaced with short 10-minute ZOOM meetings with artistic director Ofer dal Lal. The meeting is an opportunity to get to know our director and answer any questions you might have about the choir. During the ZOOM meeting, you will be asked to sing a specific song in a few different keys so Ofer could get to know your voice.
To get started, just fill out the online form or contact [email protected] with questions.

Interested in Auditioning for WomenSing?

Experience the joy of singing in a community of talented and dedicated women! WomenSing is always seeking experienced and skilled choral singers. Auditions are held by appointment throughout the year and you are welcome to come and sing with us at a rehearsal to check us out.

Get to Know Us

You can hear us online and review our recent repertoire.  Our audition process is relaxed, casual, and some have even said fun! If you feel you are a good fit with WomenSing and are interested in auditioning, just fill out the online form. As soon as we receive your information, we will send you our season schedule for your review before setting up an audition appointment. Or, you can contact us by email at [email protected].

Auditions are scheduled anytime throughout the year
Click here to fill out the audition form and start the process.

The WomenSing Audition

Prospective singers are auditioned/interviewed by the artistic director. Singers will be asked to vocalize, sing scales a cappella, sight-read a short passage, and present a prepared piece (art song, aria, folk song, or choral excerpt). An accompanist is provided, so please bring an extra copy of the music. Each audition/interview takes approximately twenty minutes.

Complimentary Tickets
Available to singers who are interested in auditioning for WomenSing. Email us at [email protected] for details.

Rehearsals and Performances

Rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings in Lafayette from 7:15 to 9:45, beginning the first Wednesday after Labor Day. WomenSing’s season runs from September to June. There are two concert series (two performances in each series) per season, early December and late May/early June, with a special event in March. Recording sessions are sometimes held the week after our concerts.

Concert venues are located throughout the East Bay. Some recent venues include the Green Music Center in Sonoma County, St. Mary’s Chapel in Moraga, Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Berkeley, and the First Congregational Church of Berkeley. Be sure to read the Audition FAQ below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About WomenSing

Time Commitment



Time Commitment

Where and how long are the rehearsals?

WomenSing rehearses on Wednesday evenings from 7:15-9:45 pm at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (1035 Carol Lane) in Lafayette.

Does the group have practice materials available?

Our private database will give the singer access to sound files, score markings, pronunciation guides, translations, etc.

What if I need extra help learning the music?

In addition to the Wednesday night rehearsals, WomenSing offers sectionals held before the regular rehearsals, at 6:15, on a rotating basis. Section leaders also lead optional sectionals at members’ homes to help singers master pitches and rhythms.

What other musical activities are expected of WomenSing members?

As part of the regular concert season, workshops are held once per concert series where members work with a noted clinician. Past clinicians have included Libby Larsen, Joseph Jennings, and Charles Bruffy. Every other year an overnight weekend retreat is held (usually in late January). There are also opportunities for optional outreach performances and touring.

Are members expected to volunteer?

Chorus members also contribute to the smooth functioning of the organization by volunteering their skills in finance, publicity, marketing, development, organizational support and the like. An annual fundraiser is held in October, and participation in this fun and essential event is strongly encouraged.



What is WomenSing looking for in new singers?

First and foremost, WomenSing seeks team players who can commit to the high artistic standards we strive for. We seek experienced and skilled choral singers. Some sight-reading ability is desired, and willingness to learn the music in a timely fashion is required. We take our tag line (“the traditional and the unexpected”) seriously, meaning that the group performs some unusual contemporary music.

Are there solo/small group opportunities?

Yes. These opportunities vary widely depending on the program. Some will be auditioned and some will be assigned.

Do members have to re-audition?

Yes. Returning singers re-audition every three years on a rotation basis.



How much does it cost to sing with WomenSing?

2021 - Current tuition rates for New Singers are a sliding scale of $150-200 per semester for the first two semesters.  After that, it's a sliding scale of $200-250 per semester.

Do I need to buy a performance costume?

Yes. The current costume consists of one of two jackets, a red one worn in the fall and a fitted green one worn in the spring. The cost is approximately $90. The singer may choose to wear a black shell top, with black pants or a skirt.

Do I need to buy music?

Yes. Music costs $25 per semester.

I’d like to sing with the group, but these expenses are too high for me.

WomenSing offers scholarships to singers who need assistance with the costs of participating in the organization. Cost should never be a factor in your decision to participate. Please speak to the Audition Coordinator for more information.