July 10th, Day 4

Submitted by: Barb Mentley

Wednesday morning was free, and many of us walked to a market called Bazaar to purchase supplies (diapers, infant formula, baby wipes, and so forth) needed at the Eleonas refugee camp we will visit for outreach and a performance.
In the afternoon we traveled to the tip of Cape Sounion on the Athenian Riviera—a stunningly scenic journey! We toured the archeological site of the Temple of Poseidon, built to honor the god of the sea. According to our extraordinary guide, this is where King Aegeus awaited the return of Theseus, who had gone off to kill the Minotaur. When Theseus forgot to change his boat’s sails from black to white, the king—thinking his son dead—threw himself into the sea, but was saved by Poseidon.

These activities served as the prelude to the day’s main event—WomenSing’s first concert in Greece! The wonderful welcome we received from the people of Lavrion was heartwarming. Our concert was a collaboration with the Lavrion Polyphonic Chorus, a Greek men’s choir now celebrating its 80th anniversary. After months of anticipation, it was truly a thrill to offer our gift of harmony, shared in the universal language of music.