July 8th, Day 2

Submitted by:  Gail Doering

Monday was a day to get our orientation of Athens, adjust after a long day or more of travel, basically a time for us all to ARRIVE. As I was lying awake in the middle of the night suffering from jet lag induced insomnia, I was musing upon what it actually takes to make a choir tour happen.

Here is a partial list--

  • 1 amazing tour planning committee led by Patti Sax and staffed by Jessica Natkin and Barbara Beck
  • 2 talented staff of Ofer dal Lal and Paul Caccamo willing to give their time, talent and leadership
  • 1 local guide
  • 1 tour leader from tour company (Classical Movements)
  • 22 singers ready to put aside comfort and familiarity to share the gift of song with the people of Greece
  • 20 companions to support us and make the journey even more rewarding
  • 5 pre-tour rehearsals and 2 pre-tour performances
  • many planes, trains, buses and taxis plus a big cruise ship
  • a large stack of music from 4 of our previous concerts
  • a keyboard that was purchased specifically for our performances and which will be donated to the refugee camp once we leave
  • donors who support our scholarship program that helps to insure everyone who wants to travel and sing is able to do so
  • all the ones who are at home and "covering" for us so that we can enjoy this rare opportunity

Thank you for reading our blogs, and all the ways you keep us singing

Efharisto (phonetic spelling of thank you in Greek)

Gail Doering

President, WomenSing