The Time of Our Singing Has Come

WomenSing's Spring 2024 Performance


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WomenSing presents The Time of Our Singing Has Come, a concert that celebrates the deep love we have for music, and how it can change us for the better. Music is a universal language that allows people to connect with others from all walks of life, across cultures and even across time. Artistic Director, Ofer dal Lal, has woven together choral pieces that reveal the full gamut of the human experience, and the ways music can help us discover ourselves and improve our lives.


In Eric Barnum’s Spark, the feelings of one’s weary heart is lifted higher, and yet higher still as music flies back and forth bringing joy and exhilaration. Connecting us to a time during the Spanish Civil War, modern Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara has utilized the prose of famed Andalusian poet, Federico Garcia Lorca. Employing choral imitations of various Flamenco elements, the four pieces within Suite de Lorca pack a considerable impact within its short duration, drawing empathy for citizens facing fear and political struggle. Morten Lauridsen’s setting of James Agee’s poem Sure on This Shining Night is an inspired gift of peace, kindness and wellbeing, wherein we witness the healing emergence of Spring. And, Arise My Love, by Joan Szymko is a call to behold the beauty of Spring, to sing joyfully, and to love all as one people.


These pieces and many more will engage us, and bring out the emotion we are searching for and need. One performance only with reception following. Join us for The Time of Our Singing Has Come.


Event Information

  • Sunday, June 2 at 4:00pm PT
  • Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church
    • 66 St. Stephen's Drive
    • Orinda, CA 94563


Ticket Information

  • $15 – Under age 18
  • $30 – General Admission
  • $40 – WomenSing Supporter


Purchase Tickets Here: The Time of Our Singing Has Come