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WomenSing has been hard at work throughout the pandemic.  That means plenty of Zoom rehearsals!  While we always enjoy “seeing” each other, this process has been challenging.  Zoom participation is engineered for taking turns in a conversation.  But, all music performance requires the ability to properly hear each other and participate at exact moments together.  In a Zoom rehearsal however, singers must be muted while the accompanist plays the piano.  Perhaps most surreal, a conductor must conduct without hearing the singers! 


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Magen Solomon, Guest Conductor


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The Light of Hope Returning

Unique in the landscape of virtual choir projects, The Light of Hope Returning is a combined effort of WomenSing of the Bay Area, California (Director, Ofer dal Lal) and Elektra Women’s Choir, of Vancouver, Canada (Director, Morna Edmundson). This international collaboration features the music of Shawn Kirchner (Los Angeles Master Chorale Composer-in-Residence) and the hand-drawn animation of Kevork Mourad, bringing together 70 women’s voices in homage to the holiday season.

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"How I Became a Storyteller" - Tales from the Caravan

Storyteller Dana Sherry writes about her own journey:

My love affair with Eurasia began in 1989, when chance brought me to a Russian language class on my second day of college. It would lead me to years living in the former Eastern Bloc: in various Russian cities, Warsaw, Budapest, and finally Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia that has become my second home. Along the way, I picked up a variety of languages and a variety of academic degrees, finally completing a Ph.D. in history in 2007, with a focus on Russian rule of the Caucasus and Central Asia.
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About Susan Cooper


About Susan Cooper

by Elaine Lind 

Shawn Kirchner’s commission for WomenSing, “The Light of Hope Returning”, reveals the idea of the promise of hope from the perspective of a woman, and shares a celebration of Solstice/Christmas/New Year to restore hope in troubled times. The title was taken from a poem by Susan Cooper, whose writings will be featured in poetry, and will provide inspiration for new song settings. 


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Announcing: The Light of Hope Returning. A Landmark Concert-Length Commission

WomenSing is thrilled to announce an exciting large-scale commission by renowned composer, Shawn Kirchner. Inspired by the album Folkjul, a Christmas suite influenced by Swedish folk traditions, WomenSing's artistic director, Ofer dal Lal has invited Mr.

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WomenSing's Summer Tour to Greece--Travel Blog, Day 9

Wrapping It Up

Submitted by: Jules Campbell

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WomenSing's Summer Tour to Greece--Travel Blog, Day 8

July 14th, Day 8

Submitted by: Leslie Blackie

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WomenSing's Summer Tour to Greece--Travel Blog, Day 7

July 13th, Day 7

Submitted by: Jessica Takano

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WomenSing's Summer Tour to Greece--Travel Blog, Day 6 (2)

July 12th, Day 6

Submitted by: Linda Long

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